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The term "livestock farming", according to the terminology of the European Union, is included in the term "agriculture", which implies the systematic knowledge and management of plants and animals in order to fully satisfy the nutritional needs of the societies.

The animal production livestock is a business. As all businesses, production must be profitable for the owner. There must be successful balance concerning the profits,the installations in a healthy environment and the supply of an adequate diet which must be appropriate to the requirements of the animals. The animals that are well fed and kept under the best possible conditions are healthy and more productive than those which are poorly or incorrectly fed, sick and put in an unhealthy environment.

Animal livestock business requires that the producer has a wide knowledge in organization, nutrition and marketing. Giving the right quantity of food according to plan, can become difficult sometimes due to various factors (livestock, climate, etc.).

Nowadays, genetic selection has allowed the creation of high yielding breeds, and animal production livestock producers are constantly demanding high nutritional value products that allow them to fully exploit the improved productive potential of the animals. Therefore, livestock farming must be based on new standards in organization and operation which both meet the modern social requirements, and successfully respond to the international economic competition at the same time.

Nutritional Plan

The company TOKAS CEREAL SA, Animal Feed and Cereal Trade, was established in February 2001 with the view of trading cereals and other cereal and agricultural products...

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