The main goal for a successful livestock business, is to maximize production and profits. The increasing pressure for profit, concerning milk prices and other costs, the constant increasing demands on both efficiency and quality in animal breeding, make modern ideas and solutions necessary to be implemented.

For this reason, our company, in cooperation with NUTRIFARM SA, has developed a complete nutritional plan for all stages of the livestock production cycle and that fact guarantees the health and maximum yielding of the animals. The development of this innovative nutritional program for Greek livestock farming, comes from modern research and practical experience. This program has been designed to finish the wide range in feed management system and livestock farming, giving importance to the performance, quality and cost of the products.

Our company has a complete nutritional plan (from cereal maintenance and production of appropriate compounds, to the ration training, based on the needs of each livestock unit and the animal performance control) and provides high quality food products for the Greek animal production livestock producers, so as to set the basis for a proper and healthy animal breeding with high performance.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that the brand of our company equals the quality and modern scientific nutrition as far the animal production livestock producer is concerned.

The company, with its long experience and knowledge and its well-trained staff, has the most advanced mixing systems in its modern facilities. This is what ensures the high quality in the composition of its products and the accuracy during the production.

The production of the mixtures is done according to the quality system ISO 9001: 2000 / EN ISO 9001: 2000, which ensures the stable quality of the products.

The quality of the products remains immutable since our products are stored either in silos or in flat storages, which meet the requirements for proper natural maintenance and storage.

Our feed is composed of balanced ingredients and fully cover all the nutritional needs of the livestock so as to be healthy, in order to increase the performance and productivity of high quality livestock products.

In order to make the compound feed we produce, we collect the best raw materials from Greece and the EU. The choice of raw materials is made meticulously, with the criterion of quality, so as to ensure the high digestibility and better productivity as far as nutrition is concerned. We achieve this goal by taking under consideration the cost, too. To ensure the high quality of our raw materials, our company has been supplied and has been using special equipment to clean the goods from dust and impurities.

The raw materials used, as well as the final products, are subject to strict laboratory tests according to our test system and those of the official departments and laboratories of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. All the tests are made according to EU International Standards and Regulations.

Our company works closely with its clients, providing them with scientific advice on nutritional matters and proposing appropriate solutions, always taking into account the specific conditions and requirements of each and every production unit. Moreover, we also provide continuous training and give detailed information to our clients, by organizing training sessions and seminars.

Our long experience, combined with the modern scientific research data in the sector of nutrition, allows us to let the producer know how the supplemental compound feed can bring the best results with great success in breeding and how they can reduce the cost of nutrition at the same time.